The Don Bosco Technological Institute (DBTI) is located at Taurama Road, East Boroko, N.C.D. As a Catholic Tertiary Educational Institution, owned and administer by the Salesians of Don Bosco (S.D.B), it is committed to provide an integral Development of its students to become upright citizens and honest Christians. And with its high level of competency and expertise, it aims to contribute to the nation building by providing skilled and competent workers for industries and technical educators for schools in Papua New Guinea. It is affiliated with the Divine Word University (DWU), Madang and is accredited by the National Training Council (NTC) as a Training Provider.

In 1990, a group of Catholic bishops requested the Salesians in Papua New Guinea to establish a college to train local teachers for technical and vocational schools. Hence, its conception in 1995, the first phase of the construction began. With the enormous assistance from the European Union and the European funding Agencies, it has blossomed into a complex of structures such as workshops and lecture rooms among others. This college was originally the don Bosco Technical Teachers’ College.

In 1999, saw the opening of the college. The first batch of freshmen, 75 young men mostly Grade 12 school leavers from secondary schools from different places in the country, inaugurated the four-year degree program with specializations with degree in Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology, Maintenance Fitting and Machining Technology and Technical Drawing. With the second batch in 2000, two more technologies viz., Computer Technology and Motor Vehicle Technology were introduced.

DBTI, as a matter of principle, welcomes into its institution any person, regardless of race, creed, color and sex, who respects and shares its vision, practices and tradition. Hence, in 2001, it opened its doors to female students.

When it became a member of the Catholic Higher Education Association, DBTI on 24th February 1998, entered into a formal discussion on affiliation with the Divine Word University. On 13th April 2000, a formal letter was sent to Vice-President on Academic Affairs and in 22 February 2003, the accreditation document was given. Following the visit and recommendations of the Academic Team, the official signing of the Affiliation Memorandum Agreement between DWU and DBTI took place in August 1st 2003. This was followed by two other successful affiliation renewals, 2006 and 2011.

DBTI envisions itself as a willing and competent partner of government educational in training qualified teachers for its technical and vocational schools. With the good track and record of Don Bosco as an Educational Institution and with the firm commitment of the Salesians to Educational Apostolate in PNG, DBTI is ready to face future challenges and open to exploring other avenues, extend is services and expertise to both the educational and industrial sectors of the country!

The affiliation partnership that DBTI had with DWU ceased on the 25th November, 2016. After DBTI applied for institutional and program accreditation with DHERST as an institution of Higher education it was granted officially on the 25th of November 2016.